Do You Know Your Civil Rights?

The Iowa Civil Rights Act of 1965 was created to protect you from discrimination. If you are not from Iowa, please go to the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division website to find your state.

What is discrimination? Discrimination happens when you are treated differently than others because of a difference you have. For example, you are treated differently because you are Hispanic.

When is discrimination illegal?
Discrimination is illegal when you are treated differently based on your race, color, national origin, sex/gender, disability, age, religion/creed, or sexual orientation/gender identity. Discrimination is illegal when you are singled out because of one of these differences and then given different treatment. For example, your boss gives a promotion at work to a man who is less qualified than you (you are a woman).

When are you protected from discrimination? The Iowa Civil Rights Act protects you from discrimination in employment, housing, credit, public accommodation, and education. There is a page for each of these areas on this website, please choose the one you need to read all about it.

This site was created to help you better understand your rights. You are protected against discrimination and there are people who want to help you if you have been discriminated against.